Lifeline is delighted to announce that Green Pastures have had their offer accepted and that we should have completion by the 5th of August on our house no. 3.

This is a house just around the corner from our first house. We felt it right to withdraw from a house on the same street as house no. 1 because of the extra hazards this created.

Harrogate Homeless Project reported that over the monitoring period 1st April 2014 – 31st March 2015 they assessed and provided emergency shelter for 244 referrals from 195 individuals. This shows the level of demand for people to receive suitable housing. They are also delighted that there will be this extra provision in the system.

We are so thankful to Green Pastures for making this possible, as well as the people who made it possible by purchasing the Loan Stock at a reduced rate of interest, and for the Lords guiding hand in all of this. Carl Good. 7.7.15


Please find attached bulletin No. 9 with details of our intention to target spring 2015 for Lifelines House No. 3



Great meeting with Mark Carey, our vicar at Kairos Network Church, discussing what’s happening with Lifeline and how excited we are about the way forward! Thank you Mark for your encouragement and support.
We have been on such a journey since Lifeline started almost two years ago and look forward to more growth and development, both in our lives and the lives of the men we are looking after. We want to continue in God’s plan for an end to homelessness in Harrogate!

Lifeline’s latest news bulletin is attached as well as details of the football course Lifeline is involved with called Lifeline through Football



So pleased with the little video our amazing partners Green Pastures have done for us to mark Lifeline getting its second house

A former tenant of Lifeline contacted us today asking if we can find him a Church in his new town in the South of England because he wants to become a Christian! Praise the Lord! He says he wants to volunteer and help others!